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death doom destruction
9 May
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i like anything heavy, technical, or that is difficult to play or comprehend. Or if its got a good vibe, to mellow out too.

death metal:**grind gore etc**Brutality Anal blast, Cephalic carnage, Pig destroyer, Death, sadus, Cannibal corpse**barnes and vile**, Macabre, Deeds of flesh, Carcass, Cattle decapitation, Cryptopsy, Dying fetus,Crucifixion. cock and ball torture. Sepsism, morbid angel, deicide, Exhumed, soilent green, Goat Whore, half Dead, inhuman visions, Monstrosity, Pungent stentch, livity, The berzerker, Vader Getto death, watch me burn. The haunted, some in flames.

Thrash: Slayer, Early metallica, Sepultura, SOD, MOD, Old Voivod.

Black metal: Old mans child, Dissection, dark funeral, dark throne, Hypocrisy, Barknagar, Dimmu borgir, Arcturus, Belphegor. Exhausted prayer, willow wisp, incantation.

Doom metal: Anathema, my dying bride, Shape of despair, morgion, Panteist, St. vitus, Skeptisism, Funeral. Opeth *they defy genres though**

Hard core/ metal core: between the buried and me, Atreyu, bleeding through, unearth, throw down.

Random shit: Tool, A perfect circle, Yngwie malmsteen, steve vai, eric johnson, Joe satriani, Stevie ray vaughn, robin trower, BB king. Shoe gazer pop, my bloody valentine.

I try to go to a lot of shows, i go when i can, ive seen about half my death metal list.
I own an operate Red rum records, a pipe dream of a death metal label, Send me Demos! im doing a split cd with apollyon soon im going to detroit to do this in july.

Ive been playing guitar ever since i can remember, ask me about equipment. I play in a death project and working on a black metal project like dark throne.

17 years old, in LA. Im 5 11, Medium build, hair to about to my mouth, shaved sides, goat, some what of side burns. Im half mexican, half scandanavian.

i try to remain open minded, i wont put people down, i hate punk.....but if thats your thing fucking handle. I really could Careless, just as long, as you dont start shit with me, even then, im pretty timid so probably wouldnt do any thing.

I have a girl freind, Carley Jean, She posts around here some where. **looks around**

Yeah thats pretty much it.

Want to know anything else just ask.